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Book Overview

Kestrel is an ancient prince from a forgotten fallen kingdom, thought of as only myth. Aria is a gifted girl who wakes him from the grip of a forbidden spell. Aria now helps Kes find his path, as she has a way of showing a person that there are things beyond the edge of our understanding.

Kestrel is thrust into a new world with a shattered memory of the time he left behind as he struggles to come to terms with the present. As they grow to know and protect each other, Kes and Aria develop feelings of great love. However, the world is not fair and, as they both come to realize, life is seldom easy.

Can these two incredible souls overcome stigmas and adversity, or will they fall to the turmoil that brews around them? Will promises be enough to save their love and keep them together?

Sword of Stars – Book 2: Cursed Fates

Fate sends Kestrel and Aria onto different paths. Their lives are thrown into turmoil and each must come to grips with the absolute truths of their situation.

Aria must embrace a legacy she never knew she had, as she is plunged into the world of the elite. Navigating the viper pit of social circles, and given an opportunity that people either envy or despise.

Kes, with war on the horizon, walks the path of a soldier, but thankfully, he is not alone as Gavyn follows him. Determined to help fashion him into a formidable warrior.

When war finally erupts between Tartha and Sakkara, both are dragged into the harsh reality of the conflict. During the chaos, both have their roles to play, while learning to rely on new friends and alliances.

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